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  • a visual representation of the relations between certain

quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes.

  • A graph is an image or chart representation

used to show a numerical relationship.

  • A pictorial representation of information or

relationships between numbers.

  • A complete, labeled, graphical

representation of some data sets.
Graphs are pictures that help us understand amounts.
These amounts are called data. There are many kinds of graphs,
each having special parts.

Kinds of graph:

A circle graph is shaped like a circle.
It is divided into fractions that look like pieces of pie,
so sometimes a circle graph is called a pie graph.
Many times the fractional parts are different colors and
a key explains the colors.

Bar graphs are used to highlight separate quantities, especially the
differences between these quantities. They are extremely useful for
comparing quantities in different categories, and can be used to
describe the relationship of several variables at once. The data
typically being represented is the number of “occurrences” measured in
different categories of data. They are used in almost every field.

– Excellent for data comparison (esp. vertical bar graphs)
– Labelling for clarification possible with horizontal bar graphs
– Clearly show error values in the data
– Usually simple to read and understand
– Can be tempting to compare too many things,
graph becomes convoluted
and difficult to understand
– Limited space for labelling with vertical bar graphs
A bar graph uses bars to show data.
The bars can be vertical (up and down), or horizontal (across).
The data can be in words or numbers.


A picture graph uses pictures or symbols to show data. One picture often stands for more than one vote so a

 key is necessary to understand the symbols.

BS00809_1.WMF (4130 bytes)

A histogram is a special kind of bar graph.
The data must be shown as numbers in order.


A line graph shows points plotted on a graph.

The points are then

connected to form a line.  


Advantage and disavantage of graph 

Graph advantage is that it’s easy to use and you can quickly do
conversion without performing any calculations.
Disadvantage is you have to carry graph
around with you
or hunt for it if you forgot where you stored it.

Algebraically advantage is you can

do it in your head fairly easily.

Disadvantage is if you can’t do it in your head

you need calculator or pencil and paper to perform

calculation each time.

Hello world!

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